200mm combo multi-tool bench grinder sander with magnifier shield

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Model #: TLGS825BD

500W Multi-tool bench grinder, belt & disc combo sander with 920*50mm belt, 200*25mm grinding wheel, 178mm disc and 3 times magnifier eye-protection shield

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Remember when you spent all that money replacing dull rusty tools? From deburring ragged edges to cleaning objects to sharpening blades, ALLWIN combo multi-tool bench grinder & sander helps resuscitate old worn down knives, tools and bits, saving you time and money. It is ideal for reviving old tools, knives, bits and more.

The included 3 times magnifier shield is adjustable to prevent them from interfering with your project while adjustable work rests to allow for angled grinding applications. Remember when your blades could actually cut through something? Remember ALLWIN brand.

1.Combination of bench grinder and belt, disc sander for multi purpose applications.
2.3 times magnifier eye protection shield.
3.Stable cast iron base to reduce vibration.
4.Well-balanced belt frame front rubber pulley supply smooth and professional metal polishing performance.
5.Easy adjustable belt frame supply various metal polishing applications.


1.Equips 500watts powerful and dependable performance induction motor.
2.Supply 920 * 50mm Belt & 178mm Disc Sanding + 200 * 25mm Wheel Grinding Application;
3.Adjustable 3 times magnifier eye shields protect you from flying debris without obstructing you view.
4.Adjustable tool rests extend the life of grinding wheels.
5.Belt fast tracking design is helpful to raise working efficiency.
6.Safety switch with key to stop no authorized using.

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Wheel size


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Motor Base material

Cast iron



Logistical Data

Net / Gross weight: 17 / 18kg
Packaging dimension: 520x375x500mm
20” Container load: 264 pcs
40” Container load: 552 pcs

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